Colombo Pneumatic Tube Systems
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Fastest Consistent Delivery Turnaround times that eliminate up to 90% of traditional system delays!!!

100% Transaction Security with controls that provide electronically locked theft-proof access via any of a full range of employee identification and authorization tools.

Superior Accountability throughout the Chain of Custody that delivers in Real-Time: carrier hand-off validations, easy transaction data viewing, and key performance metrics.

Separation of Clean from Biohazard to facilitate better infection controls and stay ahead of the ever-tightening compliance requirements.

Easiest, Quietest, and Most Reliable system to use and maintain due to its sophisticated simplicity in both Design and Operation.

Most Expandable & Adaptable Technology which promotes Process Innovations & Savings, and can be deployed in integrated or stand-alone modes.

Dedicated Direct Delivery Systems

Servicing the health care industry with leading-edge technology, Colombo's Direct Delivery System transfers materials and controlled substances with guaranteed turnaround times and without errors. It is simply the fastest, safest, smartest, most reliable, most accurate, and most secure system available on the market today.

Global Computer Controlled Network Systems

The Colombo/PTP Global Computer Controlled System is a sophisticated material distribution system with an “any to any” service capability.

Point-to-Point Systems

Utilized in retail, government, industrial and commercial applications, this system is the simplest form of reliable, accurate transfer of documents, money and materials.

Extreme Service & Heavy Duty Systems

Point-to-point systems made from heavy-duty steel to stand up to the abuse of an industrial environment.