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Engineering, manufacturing, and installing pneumatic tube systems, since 1970.

History of Colombo Pneumatic Tube Systems

Colombo Pneumatic Tube Systems - Medical

Starting with installing systems throughout the Midwest in 1970, early on, the Colombo identified a need for custom solutions to meet each pneumatic tube customer’s specific needs. In 1982, Colombo began investing its knowledge and experience in the pneumatic tube industry into designing, engineering, and manufacturing its own line of specialized systems and products for specific market applications.

Concurrently, Colombo looked towards focusing on a specimen transfer system for Lab and Critical Care areas within a hospital. Most of the systems already in place throughout the country were multi-zone, which has the potential to create backups of queued-up carriers and an overload of system traffic, causing long delivery times. Identifying a separate need for consistent, repeatable delivery times within the healthcare industry and recognizing the inefficiencies of utilizing a lab tech or caregiver to run samples to the lab, Colombo developed the Direct Delivery System around the specific needs of Lab and Pharmacy users.

Colombo’s new system vastly improved turnaround times for transferring materials such as lab specimens, blood products and medication, while improving patient care and reducing cost at the same time. This new approach of dedicated direct delivery pneumatic tube systems for Lab and Pharmacy provided an option of separating clean and biohazardous materials, which solved an ongoing potential infection-control problem in hospital-wide, multi-zone systems.

As medical needs became more complex, Colombo began expanding its system offerings to provide customized solutions and system features to meet the unique needs of each healthcare institution. Security, accountability, and user control became a priority. To satisfy this requirement, Colombo created a platform capable of communicating with an array of readers and biometric peripherals, providing real-time information to its users, and being capable of secured transactions for controlled substances and other sensitive materials care.

Colombo Pneumatic Tube Systems - Commercial
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Colombo has built its business on innovative products and dedicated pneumatic tube customer service.  Integrity is what has made us an industry leader for a half century.

We stand behind our products and work closely with our customers to make sure we’re not just selling them a product, but providing a solution.

Colombo Pneumatic Tube Systems

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