In the commercial industry, the transfer of original documents or cash from a point-of-sales area or scale to a secure room can create the opportunity for material lost or even personal safety. Transfer materials from one point in your facility to any other, whether floors or buildings away, safely and in a fraction of the time!

Colombo Beverage Chase

Colombo Beverage Chase

The products, knowledge and experience to provide you with the ultimate leak-proof beverage CHASE system.

If you need to send cash or material between two point or to multiple point within your facility, we have decades of experience solving problems just like yours.

Commercial Pneumatic Tube Point-to-Point Systems

Colombo commercial pneumatic tube Point-to-Point Systems are the simplest form of pneumatic material transfer. At a rate of twenty-four feet per second, your materials will travel along an enclosed space between two selected points. Indoors or outdoors. Fast, simple, and secure.

Commercial Pneumatic Tube Direct Delivery Systems

Direct Delivery Systems are the answer when it’s needed to send materials to multiple locations throughout your facility. From a single source point to any number of remote points, company’s goods can be delivered anywhere, immediately

Whether you’re looking to better connect two areas, connect your whole facility, or multiple facilities together, Colombo will work with you to design a system that’s made to work around your facilities needs.