Preventative Maintenance

No mechanical device is free from eventual wear or misalignment from repeated use. Let Colombo schedule routine preventative maintenance checks with your facility, and ensure that your pneumatic tube system.

Keep your system in peak condition!

Colombo has developed a variety of service and maintenance plans to meet the individual needs of each of our customers. We can skillfully maintain and optimize your system, eliminating costly downtime and reducing your personnel costs. Utilizing our experienced technicians to service our complete line of systems, we will increase return on investment and reduce the cost of ownership for your system.

Customers that sign up for yearly maintenance agreements and service plans receive discounts on parts and other services. Colombo offers flexible service plans for maintenance services to fit your facilities needs.

Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance Plans Include:

  • Maintaining, inspecting, adjusting, lubricating, repairing and cleaning your system equipment. Replacing parts subject to normal wear and tear, such as gaskets, door handles, landing pads, pushbuttons, lights and electrical components as needed.
  • Operational issues will be reviewed during each site visit and resolved.
  • Terminal equipment will be inspected, cleaned, sanitized and repaired as required.
  • All sensors will be aligned, cleaned and replaced, if necessary.
  • Diverters will be inspected, adjusted and lubricated as required.
  • Diverters will be periodically overhauled, cleaned and re-assembled with fresh lubrication.
  • All power units will be inspected, cleaned, tested and worn-out parts replaced.
  • System controls will be fully tested, system parameters checked and reset if necessary to insure optimal operation and/or owner preferences.
  • System carriers will be inspected. Carriers not fit for service will be set aside for repair or replacement as determined by owner.
  • The work will be performed by our technicians specifically trained in all aspects of pneumatic tube service. While on the job-site, our daily operations will be managed in a clean, safe and orderly manner.

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