Colombo Pneumatic Point-to-Point Systems

Point-to-Point Systems

For fast repeatable delivery to a dedicated location, a Point-To-Point pneumatic tube system is the quickest, most secure and cost-effective way to transfer cash, documents and other time.

Point to Point Systems - Commercial and Industrial Use
Point to Point Systems - Retail Use
Point to Point Systems - Industrial Use

Point To Point Systems Overview

The Colombo Point-to-Point System product line is specifically designed and manufactured to be the best in quality and durability, providing many years of reliable service. These systems will convey all types of materials in any situation, providing high-value solutions for today’s businesses. Cash, original documents, production or processing samples, and tooling are just a few of the items that are easily transported short and long distances, either in a facility or between multiple buildings or even facilities. Whether you’re floors apart or buildings away, items can be safely transported to their destination at 24 feet per second.


  • Soft air-cushion carrier delivery at all stations
  • In-use and carrier-arrival lights
  • Compact recessed & freestanding terminals
  • Remote Power unit with demand-only operation
  • Passive operator safety features
Point to Point Systems - Retail, Commercial, Industrial Use

Capable of being installed in plenum ceiling spaces, harsh industrial spaces or outside in the weather, the Colombo Point-to-Point System product line is a workhorse conveying system capable of providing a solution to many business challenges.

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